Star Wars Legos

These are some amazing Lego Star Wars creations I’ve come across. None of these are my own, I only wish to share these because of their awesomeness. Happy Late May 4th! And a very happy Revenge of the 5th!  Advertisements

Slave Leia VS. Hoth Leia — Nerdy Life of Mine

Oh my God!! This has to be the funnies thing I’ve seen in a while HAHAHA. I love how he goes off on this long childhood story with a few bunny trails. Hahahahahah! via Slave Leia VS. Hoth Leia — Nerdy Life of Mine

Review of Uncharted 4/ FanGirling

Uncharted was so good! Honestly I can’t see how someone wouldn’t like this game. I love the story. I’ve been a fan of the series since the beginning. It was a great way to revive and cap off the series. I was worried that it wouldn’t live up to expectations but I was sorely mistaken….

Prepare for Titanfall…

Titanfall 2 reveals from E3! So excited about this. I loved Titanfall. Even after it had lost its luster, I continued playing it. This time around there are some improvements and additions to the multiplayer. I feel like my prayer was answered individually because Titanfall is introducing a Story mode!   Official Story Mode Trailer…

Days Gone

I haven’t gotten to learn much about this game yet, but based on just the game play video it may be my new favorite game. I am a sucker for zombie games (and Etc.). What I love about this video is the zombie horde. Its almost like a “Left 4 Dead” type of attack but…