Yachts, Yachts, Yachts.


Yeah, Yeah. We bought the yacht. A very expensive investment, by the way. The $8,000,000 Shark Card is $100 in actual money. Now most people would say “That’s too much money to spend on a video game, and WAY too much considering its just an add-on in a video game.” Well I am here to assure you, that those people are absolutely right. No one in their right mind would spend that much money on something so trivial as a virtual mega yacht. Fortunately for the people at Rock Star, their players are rarely in the right frame of mind.

IT IS AWESOME. You get to choose the size of the boat, between 3 different options.  You get to choose the railings and trim style. You choose your lighting scheme, and the color scheme of the boat. You even get to name it whatever you want! Well, maybe not WHATEVER. I imagine there are some filters. I didn’t push the limits. If anyone does push the limits of the name game, let me know. It would be fun to shout “all aboard The Fuck Boat” every time I get on my yacht.

It comes complete with your own captain, which allows you to move your boat to different anchor points around the map, for a hefty price. There are several bedrooms in the cabin, which serve almost no real purpose other than saying you have a big ass yacht with 5 bedrooms. There is an in house bar, with a bartender, because no one who owns their own yacht needs to pour their own drinks. There is a huge Jacuzzi on the deck, which has a superpower of automatically changing its guest into a swimsuit upon entering. There are also 2 Helipads and your very own private chopper, although, no pilot. I can afford a bartender for the ship but not a personal pilot? What if I want to sit in the back and sip Champagne? Which you can, if you trick a friend into flying for you. There are a few boats and jet skis that you can use, but why would you? Did I not mention you have a helicopter? Lastly, it has an auto defense system to protect from air attacks.

The only real complaint I have is, there isn’t a heist room. I guess that wouldn’t be practical, but damn it I wanted my yacht to have a heist room. With it costing so much, I would’ve enjoyed some more customization or just some cool features you could use while on the yacht. At the very least, you can say you own a yacht. No one has to know its virtual.


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