Review of Until Dawn

It’s very hard to review games like this without giving away spoilers, but here we go. Until Dawn is a suspense story following 8 young adults: Josh, Sam, Mike, Emily, Matt, Jessica, Ashley and Chris. They are reuniting a year after a terrible accident took place in which Josh’s sisters, Hannah and Beth, went missing. Mysterious activities start almost immediately.

Until Dawn uses a cinematic experience to show the story, honestly there is very little “Gameplay.” you don’t fight or have complicated tasks to perform. You do, however, make choices and these choices are very important. Your choices will impact the game and determine characters feelings and actions towards one another. This will eventually determine who lives and who dies.

The game does an amazing job of connecting you to the characters. There are many instances that your own feelings change towards characters due to their actions. Some characters you love, and some you hate. Your own feelings be drawn into the game makes it even more interesting, for example, you can ruin someones relationship just because you don’t like that character (in a sense, you feel like you play God. Mwahahaha). There is also some features that cater the game directly to you, as far as your specific fears which I thought was pretty neat.

Until Dawn does very well at keeping suspense up, drawing you in, and there is even a dramatic plot twist in the middle (ohhhhhhh). I enjoyed a lot, especially for a game that is essentially an interactive movie. Bonus feature, the different choices and the possibilities that are available with those choices give the game some replay value. It’s not a game you could play every day for weeks, but still fun to go back and kill certain people just for the hell of it. It was definitely money well spent. (God complex not included).



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