We are just a few guys that thought we should make a podcast about how awesome we are and…oh what? Oh….yeah…we didn’t do that. Actually, we are just a few guys that have a podcast about the upcoming weeks entertainment; new releases, happenings, and its many stories. Tacky Sarcasm is comprised of; Tyler; webmaster, c0-host, and co-creator of the podcast, Curtis; our Secretary of Leisure Activities, as well as color commentator, co-creator, and sound editor, and Andrew; our equipment tech. All of us contribute to the blog; each of us providing our own blend of comedy and views. Tacky Sarcasm is the basis of many side projects that we will be pursuing including: Thank You for Dying, FanGirling, JCJ Productions/Boomer Management, The Adventures of Sasquatch and Penguin, Cargasm, Cold Pizza, and more! All these side projects will have full length page explanations coming soon! We also have guest bloggers as well as guest hosts on the show, so keep listening. Also follow us on twitter @TackySarcsm , and our personal twitter accounts, @thathuttonkid and @thatwinklekid . I think that sums it up.

Oh, and we are still awesome. We just decided to spare you of a podcast/blog about it


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