About Thank You for Dying

Thank You for Dying is a page for all thing in gaming. Here we will post our favorite moments, reviews, thoughts and hopes for all video games.

Thank You for Dying came about while playing Halo Reach. If you are a gamer, I don’t feel that I need to explain much more. The name came from the best moment you can feel while gaming. An opponent has been F%*&ing  up your K/D spread all match. At this point you don’t care about the objective as much as you do ruining this 12 year old’s day. You’ve been stalking him on the map for nearly half the game. Finally, you get him within your grasp and perform the most beautiful and brutal assassination you’ve  ever seen. Sweet vengeance is finally yours, but you aren’t finished yet. Now comes the gloating. With one arm raised in victory, you use your other arm you furiously pound the joystick, and subsequently your fallen nemesis’ stupid bloody face in a crouching motion. All the while you can’t help but scream “THANK YOU FOR DYING!!”

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